Started its journey as a sound piece,  an excerpt recording of an otherwordly ceremony and ritual conducted by energetic and spiritual manifestations of water.  A sound recordist was involved in the event and sacrificed.

I’m that sound recordist.  I frequented the Balcary cliffs, Auchencairn.  I was in awe of the power and force in nature, that humbled me in storms, whilst recording.  I thought about fear and the unknown, nature and humanity, respect and abuse.  I realised my insignificance as an individual in comparison to the massive force of nature yet simultaneously perceived the intrinsic connections.  I felt that this could be communicated or transmitted and if so may aid in the ceasing of our consistent butchery and exploitation of self as nature.

This sound piece held the potential of generating a live performance based on the original concept and informed all elements of the process.  Waterghosts now is being developed between the U.K, Sweden, Albania and Canada as a cultural development program for arts and culture.  Working through improvisational concepts of group and individual interaction and collaboration, the work has evolved and shifted as water does into fields of research and study, language,education and applied methodologies that make the project difficult to define or compare. Although mythology, imagination and creative force are the core construction of the project, other aspects such as inclusion and social integration, grassroots values, emphasis on intuition flow dynamics and co operative, non-prescriptive approach, envelope the project as a whole.  As an interruption to the expected and subtly implying the phasing out of separation between definitions of practice and discipline, Waterghosts is a vehicle for blurring the assignation of skill sets and instead encouraging a skill set transferral between, so-called dancer and musician, artist and researcher so as to drop the static confines of ‘label’.

Below is footage from Waterghosts, 2014 Brighton fringe in which the performance was nominated for most ground breaking act on its performance and directorial debut.  The performance combined contemporary dance, improvised music ensemble including electronic and acoustic instruments, experimental vocalists, spoken word and lighting design.

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