The Golden Machine


Is a concept I dreamt of.  Inside a temple like structure in the middle of a forest, I entered to be overwhelmed by the sight that confronted me.  Huge glimmering cogs, thousands upon thousands of tightly pulled silk threads creating a blinding, highly reflective surface.  Movements and appendages of this apparatus seem to coincide with what I suddenly become aware of that I am hearing.  In the middle of this structure, sitting at what looks like a spinning wheel, is a woman in white.  I realise then that since the dream started I have been hearing her playing this instrument.  A golden sound.  This dream has fuelled my exploration further into my already existing guitar practice and since has opened up technique strategies that I may have never stumbled across if it hadn’t been for the search for that golden sound I experienced.



Live @ Plan B, Kraftwerket, Tranas, Sweden 2015

Solo guitar performance @ Coachwerks Brighton

Collaborative project with New Media artist Florent Di Bartolo exploring string surfaces and performance strategies @ Dance Ignition lab, Kultivera Sweden