Stretching present time

To think of our conception of here, then, there, now.  In immediate experience our ‘presence ‘ is limited in the capacity that only other’s experience it directly.  In order to understand present time one must forget about numerical and linear time altogether.

We occupy both space and time everyday of our waking lives but how much do we really explore this or are given the opportunity to?

If we travel, as our ordinary reality  suggests, along and around a conveyor belt of sorts, adhering to invisible rules and obligations, welcoming bombardment of unwelcome sensory stimulation and altogether nodding along with this process then we find ourselves in a confinement, sometimes solitary.  There are two ways to jump off this conveyor belt. One is voluntarily the other is not.  I believe in some ways they are the same release, The involuntary version is where the shine and appeal of aspects of our daily life and experiences that ordinarily we can appreciate, cease.  This can be called depression  extreme mood cycling and Bi Polar behaviour. The other,  I have experienced myself, through performance improvisation, an engagement with serenity and with the moment.  To hypothesise the idea, that if both these spaces, the voluntary and the involuntary are introduced and eventually well acquainted with each other that they have the capacity of becoming one, is to pin down an important element to this work. Through my earlier work in the Special Educational Needs and behavioural difficulties field, I experienced this same thing when working with an individual whose perception of reality, their place in it and how to engage with it were entirely different from my own even after my trying to relate from every angle I could imagine at the time.  This for me is a precise analogy of what improvisation truly is.  It has nothing fundamentally to do with performance, acting or exhibitionism of any kind.  Instead it is a grappling and sometimes a grasping of one’s own present state.

Stretching Present time is a series of Labs and workshops that are designed to facilitate an exploration of this process.  I strongly feel that particularly in this day and age where so much priority and urgency is placed on the shoulders of social media connectivity that a space where one is infinitely rewarded by their scanning of ‘ what is ‘ what was’ and what am I, is a prudent and forward step in us seeing behind the masks of time stamped words images and selves.  I believe that if the action of seeing a numerical time display can change our state or mood, seemingly involuntarily, then it’s about time that another option is presented.